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The following boundary maps are made available to the public by Buckeye Union School District (BUSD) to locate schools and display attendance boundaries. BUSD is provided this information through a third party who has made substantial efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information.

However, anomalies in street representation can and do occur. Therefore, before committing to a move, or to purchase property with the intent of attending specific schools, the address should be verified through the BUSD District office or a school within the BUSD. Please have a complete address listing ready when inquiring, including house number, complete street name, and zip code.

Every address in BUSD is assigned a single home elementary school and middle school. There are no cases of an address having a "choice" of more than one home elementary or middle school.

Addresses in question of being "on the border" of the BUSD line should refer to an official tax bill for the property. In order to be eligible to attend BUSD, the property of residence must reflect payment of BUSD.

Attendance boundaries can and do change to accommodate emerging road patterns, the opening or closing of a school, or to relieve overcrowding in schools. There is no expressed guarantee to the perpetuity of any given boundary.

These maps do not reflect any administrative policies or programs of BUSD, which could influence student enrollment at a given school (e.g. enrollment caps, special education placement.)

For any other questions regarding these maps, please contact the BUSD District Office or a school within the BUSD.

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